ELERIX products can be used in different ways. What they all have in common is that they are of a quality materials and makers. It only takes a proper application and adequate skills to use the power hidden in them. Other than that, you really don ́t have to worry of anything.

You can think of it as an application at home, but in a large and industrial scale. Energy provisioning with fast starts and higher than average discharging currents. That ́s the benefit of LFP with ELERIX logo.

LFP cells and batteries are ideal for use at mobility. They are light, offer thousands of charging and discharging cycles so in applications for light multipurpose vehicles come naturally as the first choice.

A typical use at home is for generating and storing the electrical energy for your house. All your own projects that you might think of, let it be an energy storage for your van, yacht, cottage house or else.

By using a number of cells you can build a robust Battery energy storage system that can provide you an energy during a blackout or just for peak shaving when needed.