ELERIX may sound as a fresh new brand, and actually it is, however there is a decade long experience in doing business with a number of battery cell manufacturers, of product design and active sales to entities of different size and scope. Behind the brand stands a team of experts from various fields of business and industry. ELERIX was created with the aim of having a range of products that we, ourselves, believe in.

It is no longer the case that all LFP cells must be made in China.

This ELERIX cell with a capacity of 100 Ah and a maximum discharge current of 3 C is the first and hopefully not the last European made LFP addition to our range.
It is not only about the quality of workmanship, but also about reducing European dependence on China for LFP cells and batteries.
High quality European production Max. discharge current up to 3C –⁠ 300 A High currents at peak discharge 5 C –⁠ 500 A
3000+ cycles / 15 years calender life

By assembling a battery storage system from ELERIX cells, you gain an indisputable advantage over battery "Black-Boxes" from dubious manufacturers.
The individual battery cells are interchangeable, they are not welded together in any way.
All components can be easily replaced or repaired thanks to the availability of spare parts.
Our battery sets are thus fully repairable, which is how we want to realistically extend the life cycle of the entire storage systems and thus save the environment.
With ELERIX sets, you do not have to be limited by predefined dimensions and battery settings.
Build your own battery exactly as you need it!